Vectorworks Design Day Sydney: A Milestone Event in Design Inspiration

Relive the first-ever Vectorworks Design Day Sydney, where customers embarked on a day of design inspiration, connected with company leaders, and heard from industry experts.

Vectorworks, Inc. recently hosted its grand finale Design Day Sydney event, marking a significant milestone for its Australian office as the first customer-facing event post-COVID. In addition to the gorgeous weather at Barangaroo overlooking Sydney Harbour, the crowd was substantial and positively engaged. Seven speakers showcased the transformative power of Vectorworks in various design disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Vectorworks-81-1-1.jpgVectorworks Design Day Sydney was hosted on 19 March at 12-Micron, Barangaroo

John Newman, founder of NewScape Design, took the stage to dive into his use of Vectorworks in landscape architecture focusing on the value of GIS data imports. Stuart Krelle, co-founder of Luchetti Krelle, shed light on how Vectorworks has empowered their team to realise their creative vision and deliver exceptional design solutions to clients.

Lastly, Simon Mather, principal architect at MAKO Architecture, rounded off the speaker lineup by exploring the intersection of design practice and real-world challenges. Mather shared practical strategies for reconciling seemingly disparate aspects of design, drawing from his extensive experience in the field. Through real-world examples, he demonstrated how Vectorworks catalyses innovation and collaboration within architectural practice.

Vectorworks-137-1-1.jpgDesign Day Sydney presentations underway.

In addition to the insightful presentations by industry experts, Vectorworks Chief Product Officer Darick DeHart provided an overview of last year’s success and the future development of the software. Vectorworks Senior Product Marketing Director Rubina Siddiqui explored Vectorworks’ advancements in 3D modelling, its data management difference, and other productivity features that further enhance the creative process. Vectorworks Australia staff Troy Diamond and Ben Beaumont took the stage to share their favourite localised features and provide insight into how designers can use them to boost efficiency.

Attendees also got a first-hand look at the newly released Vectorworks 2024 Update 4 and its cutting-edge features, such as the AI Visualizer and others aimed at further streamlining design workflows and improving user productivity.

IMG_3262-1.jpgVectorworks staff after a successful Design Day Sydney event.

During networking breaks, attendees visited the Tech Desk for one-on-one discussions on how to make the most of their software with technical support. Vectorworks also teamed up with other companies, such as Vectorworks Partner Network member Transoft Solutions Inc. and Esri Australia, who attended to share more about the integration and collaboration capabilities and how customers can utilise their technology within Vectorworks for their designs. The day ended with a lively networking reception, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded designers.

Vectorworks-89-1-1.jpgCustomers visiting the Tech Desk after presentations.

Vectorworks Design Day Sydney was a resounding success, bringing together local design professionals to celebrate innovation and creativity in design. The event showcased the diverse applications of Vectorworks across various design disciplines and provided attendees with valuable insights and inspiration to elevate their own design practices. As Vectorworks continues to evolve and innovate, the future of design looks brighter than ever.

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