The growing threat of data breaches in the age of AI and data privacy

It’s not unknown that artificial Intelligence (AI) has contributed significantly to innovation within the cybersecurity industry. AI offers enhanced benefits to existing security infrastructure due to its ability to automate tasks, detect threats and analyze swathes of data. Specifically, it can be used to identify trends in phishing attacks and is effective in spotting critical coding errors missed due to human oversight. The technology can also simplify complex technical concepts, and even develop script and resilient code. Ultimately, helping to keep cybercriminals at bay.

However, AI is a double-edged sword, as bad actors also have access to these tools and can leverage them for malicious purposes. Following the recent AI Safety Summit in the UK, questions around AI and its impact on data privacy have become more pressing than ever before. As the technology evolves in real-time, so does the fear surrounding AI as it becomes difficult to predict how it will continue to develop in the future.


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