Samuel Ross unveils Brutalism-inspired Kohler smart toilet concept for Milan Design Week | News

Designer Samuel Ross has shared a preview of the new Formation 02, his first smart toilet concept for Kohler, ahead of the opening of this year’s Milan Design Week on April 16th. 

The piece is inspired by Brutalist architecture and will retail for $25,000. The brand is marketing his creation as an inspired demarcation from the traditional silhouettes used in its Eir Smart Toilet line.

Ross sees it as a sculptural enhancement of a necessity intended for use in a variety of settings he describes as capable of delivering “democratic, open, public experiences.”

Image courtesy Kohler Co.

His design intentions were so described via a scrollable digital ‘Manifesto’ relating Ross and his studio SR_A’s philosophy and new model for water solutions. This adds to Ross’ longstanding creative relationship with Kohler, which includes the Formation 01 faucets the new product, rendered Haptic Orange, serves to compliment.

Image courtesy Kohler Co.

“Our objective goes beyond function — it’s closer to vision,” part of the promotional text reads.

In a product announcement, Ross states: “We continue to look to nature’s power and the defining feats of industrial engineering. Be it through the unique embellishments of water character, or through nature’s force to reshape the material. Within Formation 02, you will be reminded of the journey water must embark upon.”

Image courtesy Kohler Co.

The toilet’s user-friendly amenities include a heated seat, hands-free lid, and other customizable features optimized for cleanliness and the incorporation of touchscreen technology.

It will be formally unveiled at Design Week through a large site-specific installation titled ‘Terminal 02’ at the Palazzo del Senato.

Image courtesy Kohler Co.

A “maze-like network” of industrial pipes leading to the toilet frames the experience while allowing visitors to “witness the flow of water in different shapes and levels, ideas of flow and control, alongside discovery and play will be brought together through an aesthetic that utilizes elements of natural landscape juxtaposed with industrial and scale engineering,” Kohler previews. 

Image courtesy Kohler Co.

They added that this experience will honor the “heritage of traditional craftsmanship as well as pushing into new territories to change our perspective on the essential element of water the installation will embody the shared philosophy between Kohler and SR_A.”

Image courtesy Kohler Co..

The 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile runs through Sunday, April 21st, and is expected to draw over 300,000 visitors.


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