Pomellato’s Jewelry Blends Historical Inspiration and Modern Design

For nearly 60 years, Italian contemporary jewelry brand Pomellato has been renowned for its colored gemstone jewels and elegant, yet innovative design.
In-house goldsmith techniques and workmanship remain at the heart of Pomellato’s essence — the brand merges historical and technical skill prowess with modern designs.

Recently, Pomellato launched a line of playful reversible jewelry, Pom Pom Dot, that offers jewelry lovers two wearing options in a singular pendant or bracelet — with three different earrings to compliment the collection.

With the design based on a button from its archives, combinations include malachite and mother-of -pearl, white diamonds and mother-of-pearl and gray mother-of-pearl with white mother-of-pearl. The gemstones all symbolize powerful, positive forces that embody the joyful spirit of Pomellato.

Here, Nathalie Diamantis, president and chief executive officer of Pomellato Americas, sat down with Fairchild Studio to discuss the new Pom Pom Dot line, elevated new pieces from the iconic Nudo collection, its prêt-à-porter jewelry and more.

Fairchild Studio: What is the inspiration behind the collection being shown at the Couture Show?

Nathalie Diamantis: For summer, we are highlighting our new premium Nudo creations. For the fall and the holidays, we will preview exclusive, high-end gold and diamond collections from Iconica with all the sparkle for the upcoming season.

Our new Nudo pieces are an extension of the brand’s most iconic collection. The Nudo design is centered around the revolutionary idea of freeing a stone from its prong setting. This focuses on the gemstone itself, which is cut with 57 irregular and soft facets. The new Nudo pieces expand the line into chic toi et moi rings and earrings, inspired by our Ode to Milan collection.

Both the rings and the earrings play with asymmetry, with a larger topaz or prasiolite opposite the smaller diamond pavé. When worn in combination with our single-stone Nudo pieces, the toi et moi rings create an impressive ring stack.

Fairchild Studio: How does Pomellato stand apart in the market? What unique materials or techniques are you incorporating for the Couture Show 2024?

N.D.: Our differentiation stems from our heritage of craftsmanship and innovation. Our pieces are made entirely in-house at our Milan headquarters. Casa Pomellato is home to over 100 highly skilled artisans; each piece of jewelry is handcrafted from gold melting to final polishing. This passion for craftsmanship and design are at the core of our ethos and unlike any other brand.

We are exploring the concept of “The New Precious” in new Nudo pieces by seeking out vibrant, colored gemstones. Stefano Cortecci, our gem master, sourced the finest sky-blue topaz and prasiolite stones for this collection.

Fairchild Studio: How do you see the current trends in jewelry and timepiece design being reflected in your collection?

N.D.: Since our debut in 1967, Pomellato has always been a trendsetter in the world of fine jewelry. As the first global luxury Italian fine jeweler, Pomellato introduced the revolutionary concept of “prêt-à-porter” jewelry. Our pieces meld handcrafted expertise from Milan with vibrant stones and unique settings, resulting in designs that appeal to empowered tastemakers who seek originality and quality.

Fairchild Studio: Who is the Pomellato brand’s target audience? Who are you designing for?

N.D.: Our customer is the independent woman and those in the know. They seek great style and aren’t afraid to make their mark. Pomellato clients don’t follow the crowd and they value design as much as quality. Our customers resonate with our values as a brand through their strong sense of self, confidence, distinctive style and voice.


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