How Katie Kime Is Weaving Global Inspirations Into Her Every Design

Katie Kime, the Austin-based lifestyle brand, has become synonymous with vivid prints and personalized decor that encapsulate a globetrotting spirit. Since its inception in 2013, founder Katie Kime has turned her passion for travel into a core design philosophy, channeling inspirations from around the world into every piece she creates. From eclectic New York scenes to the tranquil vistas of Marfa and the vibrant city life of Houston, her designs are a passport to diverse cultures and experiences.

This summer, Katie introduced her latest collection, directly inspired by the sun-soaked hues and relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean. Each item in this collection—ranging from furniture to clothing and stationery—carries the essence of Mediterranean summers, marked by azure seas, crisp white linens, and the laid-back lifestyle characteristic of coastal towns. In fact, everything was shot in Italy, mostly in the Amalfi Coast. Her commitment to capturing the essence of her travels in her designs offers more than just aesthetics; it’s an invitation to a richer, more colorful life.

Katie explains, “Travel deeply influences my lifestyle and, by extension, my creative process. The textures, colors, and patterns I encounter on my journeys are translated into designs that carry a piece of that world to your doorstep.” Her designs do more than decorate a space; they narrate the story of her travels and the profound impact these experiences have on her artistic vision.

The influence of travel on Katie’s work is profound and personal. Africa, a continent she has visited multiple times, remains one of her most significant sources of inspiration. “The vibrancy and resilience of African cultures, the breathtaking landscapes, and the spirit of the people I meet—these elements ignite a creative spark that I bring back to my studio,” she says. Her engagements, such as working with organizations in Rwanda, not only shape her worldview but also directly inspire specific themes and elements in her collections.

Katie’s lifelong passion for travel predates her brand, making it a foundational pillar of her design ethos. “Travel opens my eyes to the vast tapestry of life around the globe. It enriches my appreciation for diversity and inspires me to infuse that global perspective into my work,” Katie reflects. This perspective is visible in how her pieces encapsulate the essence of various locales, making each design a reflection of a unique geographic and cultural narrative.

Looking ahead, Katie is drawn to places where East meets West, intrigued by the blend of traditions and aesthetics that such cross-cultural intersections offer. She anticipates that these future travels will inspire new collections that continue to blend global influences with her distinct style.

Katie Kime’s brand is more than a design studio; it’s a celebration of world cultures and the beauty found in the act of traveling. Each print and pattern is a story, a memory from afar brought into homes as a piece of the world’s mosaic. Through her designs, Katie invites everyone to partake in her journey, to see the world through her eyes, and to find beauty in the diversity that travel uncovers.


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