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Home Front is a twice-weekly deep dive into the rising—and returning—trends, decor, and teeniest of design details fresh on our radar. Last week, Lindsey, Domino’s digital director, got ready to cut the (lamp) cord.

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In May, we put out a Home Front poll asking what you wanted us to cover next. Not to brag, but my personal contribution to the list—mini portable lamps—eked out the win with 28 percent of the vote. Which means this newsletter is dedicated to all the cordless cuties I’ve encountered since the style popped up on my radar back in 2019-ish. Let’s do this.

I say 2019 because that’s when Hay came out with its iconic bell-shaped PC lamp, one of the first portables I remember taking note of. That same year, &Tradition’s now-ubiquitous Setago light hit virtual shelves. Fast-forward to 2024, and little rechargeable lamps are only getting more distinctive. We’ve already been graced with a fluorescent orange take, a playful painted steel creation, and a mini mountainous delight made of mycelium. A take-anywhere light source feels particularly useful for my new it’s-almost-summer ritual with my husband: sunset dinners on the patio after we put the baby to bed.

On Board

moodboard of portable lamps

Photography by Cody James; Styling by Merisa Libbey

It’s impossible to pick a favorite, so here are nine more I’m eyeing:

  1. Middle-of-the-night baby wake-ups have got nothing on this washi paper lantern, which has a handle for easy toting from rocking chair to changing table.
  2. I love how Schoolhouse put just as much attention into the design of the bulb as the rest of this space age–y light. (Psst: There’s a round option if the diamond isn’t for you.)
  3. Forgoing a cord typically means missing out on dimmability, a nonnegotiable for good vibes. Luckily, Lulu and Georgia is two steps ahead and smartly incorporated a brass knob.
  4. Our Friday night pizza tradition would be positively elegant in the company of this slender table topper—the opaque shade directs light downward for a restaurant feel at home.
  5. Honestly, the shape of this creamy matte one is so striking, it looks just as good off—let it be sculpture. But if you do turn it on, the charge should last 12 hours. 
  6. Rather than mar the plywood-clad ceilings in her living room with hardwired lighting, creative director Bethany Brill relies on the soft glow of a coffee-table lamp.
  7. The finial on this shiny, candylike light is for more than just looks—it’s how you turn it on and off or adjust the brightness, all with a tap or press of a finger.
  8. Okay, this U.K.-made lamp is totally out of budget, but I’m a sucker for the traditional bone china shade paired with playful powder-coated metal.
  9. For whatever reason, most cordless lamps look nothing like their wired counterparts. Audo’s rechargeable version of its standard Torso style, however, is a third the size but has the same linen shade and ceramic base.
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