Savannah James Visits South Korea for Design Inspiration

Savannah James might be cooking up something spectacular: a hair care or beauty line, cookware or even a design firm or she just wanted inspiration for life. The mogul recently traveled to Seoul, South Korea for “design inspiration.” In partnership with the Instagram page @girlswho_getit, Savannah looks like she had a ball.

For a long time, people mostly knew Savannah James as the wife of the NBA legend and entrepreneur LeBron James. For most of his career she stayed low key and cared for their three children. In recent years, she’s become beloved for her gracious demeanor and youthful spirit. She is outspoken and active on social media, allowing fans to see more of her personality. That includes building ventures of her own. Whether she is establishing businesses like a juice center in Miami to investing in ventures like NEX and LeBron’s Lobos tequila company, she’s not living in the shadows.

Why Seoul, South Korea?

Savannah immersed herself in the vibrant streets of Seoul, Korea, seeking inspiration and revitalization. With her signature sophisticated fashion sense and innate elegance, she radiates on this trip. South Korea stands at the forefront of design, architecture, fashion, and beauty, emerging as a global fashion hub influenced by K-Pop and diverse cultural movements.

Seoul has long attracted luxury brands eager to tap into its booming fashion market. From avant-garde runways to bustling street markets, the country embraces diversity and individual expression in fashion. Renowned for its cutting-edge architecture, South Korea blends tradition with modernity, juxtaposing sleek skyscrapers with ancient temples and palaces. Seoul, in particular, pulses with creativity, vibrant streets, cultures, and people. Moreover, South Korea has become a global leader in beauty and skincare, with its innovative products and meticulous beauty routines gaining international acclaim. Savannah’s presence in the city speaks volumes about her quest for design inspiration and innovation.

She indulges in cake at the fantastical dessert shop Nudake, conducts “research” on numerous skincare products, and styles her eyes at Olens, a Korean colored contacts shop on her trip,

Through her social media updates, she shares glimpses of her adventures. In essence she navigates the city’s alleys with ease and looks to be having fun indulging in its cultural offerings. Meanwhile, her husband hinted to her recent venture, ‘SJ Skincare,’ during her trip. In a sneak peak of skincare products, he revealed what she has in the works. Savannah James is undoubtedly poised to strengthen her empire further and gain worldwide attention.


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