Rolls-Royce Regatta is a yacht-inspired Wraith concept

Do you ever wish you had a yacht and a Rolls to go with it so they match perfectly?

Well, it’s possible, and a designer created a custom version of the Wraith, dubbed ‘Rolls-Royce Regatta,’ which takes inspiration from a yacht.

If you like to color-coordinate your outfits and have enough money lying around, this would certainly be an ideal buy.

While it never came out of the designer’s pages, there’s no reason for it to stay that way.

That is if a billionaire decides to get one made someday.

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The Rolls-Royce Regatta isn’t the only vehicle based on the yacht

If you think a luxury car is enough to match a superyacht, that’s not the case.

The designer, Eddie Sotto from SottoStudios, has a vast portfolio of ambitious designs.

And among them, there’s also a private jet based on the same superyacht.

The jet, dubbed ‘Skyacht One,’ is based on an Embraer Lineage 1000E aircraft.

Moreover, the private jet, too, never made it past the design stage and remains a concept still.

Be that as it may, but together, these three would make the perfect trio for any owner.

If you like a wooden finish all over, that is.

Sotto envisioned the Roll-Royce Regatta in quite a few color variants, but the only one that most resembles the yacht is the subtle brown and silver finish.

The Rolls came into existence proceeding the Skyacht One, so the designer improved upon the inspiration, too.

Its interior gives off a vintage look that celebrates the classic yacht but doesn’t compromise on the luxury offering of a true Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Which yacht is the Regatta based on?

It’s the ‘Thunderbird’ yacht, which may look a bit dated but is indeed a classic.

It may not be as fashionable as the 350-foot Black Pearl yacht, but it’s low-maintenance.

Thunderbird’s classic wooden look breathes a new life in the Rolls-Royce Regatta.

At the end of the day, these luxury ‘methods of transportation’ remain a design.

If you really want one of these, you can always get one made.

But getting a custom variant of an already-expensive car or jet means you need to be ready to pay the ‘custom tax.’

All of that doesn’t matter if you’re a billionaire, though.


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