GMKtec NucBox M6 mini PC review

GMKtec NucBox M6: 30-second review

The era of lacklustre mini PCs is over, and the GMKtec NucBox M6 is a testament to this evolution. The compact M6 features an AMD Ryzen 5 6600H CPU and AMD Radeon 660M GPU, and while this might be entry-level in the Ryzen range, it still impresses with a very decent performance, especially at its price point. 

Like all the best mini PC units we’ve tested, the M6 handles all office tasks without issue and even supports light multimedia production, such as image and HD video editing. What really appeals about the M6 is that it has plenty of upgradability options, including expandable RAM and SSD storage, which will enable you to adapt this mini PC to your needs.


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